Art. U01/02

RING-TOOL for a quick PVC cutting
Ø ring mm 22 / Ø ring mm 24


Art. U2-01

Stainless Steel Needle for rootstock

Art. U3-01/02

Galvanized Wire Unrolled

             Unrolled with Support

Art. U3-02
Unrolled Multiple for 2 coils
Unrolled Multiple for 3 coils 


Galvanized Steel

Art. U8-01

BlowKeeper for Metal Post

Art. U9-04

Tensioner Wrench for "Lino" Model

Art. U..

Tensioner Wrench for "Girasole & Girasole Maxi" Models

Art. M2-01/03

Smooth Staple 3,1/31
Smooth Staple 3,4/34
Smooth Staple 3,8/38

Acciaio Zinco Alluminio

Art. M1-01/03

Harponed Staple 3,1/31
Harponeed Staple 3,4/34
Harponeed Staple 3,8/38

Zinc Alluminiu Wire 

Art. 01-01/04

Elastic Bandex Ligature 

Available: Ø mm 50x5 / Ø mm 70x5 / Ø mm 80x5 / Ø mm 100x5

Art. 03/03

Pvc Elastic Strip for Ligatures

Art. 03-04

Elastic Strip for Guyot System

Adjustable Closure

Art. 08-01

Bamboo Stake for Vineyard Plant 

Art. 09-01

Stainless Steel Cable for Anchoring length 330 cm. To be used with Wire Joiners GripplePlus Medium