Vineyard Planting Layout,Vineyard Trellising Products



 A vineyard is composed by these materials:

- RootStocks

- Vineyard Stakes

- Vineyard Poles

- Vineyard Wires

-  Spring Spreaders

- Shelters

- Anchors



This is the material needed to make a good and reliable Vineyard Layout. On the market are present different type of these materials. The choise depends from the Winegrower's mentaly and, more over, from its budget.

We believe with a good Plant is like a warranty of success for a good quality of wine.


Technical Consulting for Vineyards, Vineyard Planting!

 Accessories for Vineyards, thanks to its excellent partners net, works "side to side" with its customers in order to supply all the Vineyard Materials for a good Layout.

We can supply all the material from A to Z, all the necessary for your Plant inlcuding Personal Training or Assistance. 

We will be happy to follow your decision reagarding the best material for your Vineyard or Orchard Layout.

Hereunder you could see a quick list of the material we offer to our customers:

  • Accessories for Vineyards
  • Metal, Concrete or Wooden Poles for Vineyards
  • Wire for Vineyards Orhacrd and greenHouses.
  • Anti-Hail System Mod. Tramp 
  • Machineries for Vineyards and Orchards 
  • Pvc Tubing for Ligatures
  • Oenological Machineries: Filling, Wire Hooders and Gyropallet for remuage Machineries 
  • Wire Basket 
  • Oak Barrels
  • Cords 
  • Wire Hoods for Sparking Wines
  • Technical Consultant for Vineyards
  • Equipments and Tools for Grafting and Pruning

Furthermore, we also supply specialized consulting for your Vineyard Plant as follows: 

  • Gps Marking Out
  • Manual and Mechanical Plants Laying
  • Posts and Anchors Laying
  • Vineyard Wires Spreading and further Accessories to complete the plant
  • Plant Life Warranty
  • Anti-Hail System Mounting

Vineyard Plantin Layout - A Real Friend Vineyard Consultant!

Unit cost par Hectar
Documento Adobe Acrobat 447.2 KB

Thanks to this file you can easily see how it costs to set up one hectar of vineyard muscat docg (guyout system). Feel free to download it and share your feedbacks and suggestions with us!

Here you some pictures of our Vineyard Fild Test made in Romania - Arad.