Adhesive Wine Drop Catchers for Wine Bottles

The “Butterfly” and “Black” absorbent wine drop catchers arise from an innovative idea that revolutionizes the concept of the wine drop catcher. They consist of a disposable adhesive fabric that can be applied around the neck of any bottle of wine in a quick and practical way. Because of their high absorbency they catch and retain any excess drops that fall when the wine is poured, thus keeping the bottle clean and preventing nasty stains on table linens. They are simple to use and avoid contact with the wine being poured.


The “Butterfly” and “Black” models are authentic Italian products. The package we offer to the public is made up of six disposable absorbent drip guards sealed in an Italian arc-welded PVC packaging. For wine cellars and wine producers we supply this product in rolls that can be used for an automatic application with a standard neck size labeling machine.

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Presented by Luca Maroni during the prestigious 2012 Sens of Wine along with his own brand “LM - Luca Maroni”, this wine drop catcher created by Ametrin has received on-the-spot recognition and is now distributed by Dmedia Commerce S.p.A. in Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the Czech Republic under the Dmail trademark.