Automatic String Tie for Wine Bottles

The String Tie is a technological innovation for the food and wine sectors that allows one to automatically secure the cork of a wine bottle with a string. The String Tie model is composed of two plaited strings and a plastic polymer ring. The ring is equipped with an innovative “Fit-n-Lock System” that allows it to perfectly fit the shape of the neck of the bottle during its application, to lock itself into place once it has passed over the ring of the bottle, and with the help of strings to securely and effectively fasten the cork into place.


Both the product and application technology were developed and patented by Ametrin. The String Tie is cost-effective by allowing one to save on the unit price of each individual bottle and to eliminate loading/unloading and transport costs associated with cooperatives and contractors who manually apply the string to bottles.


The use of the String Tie allows for great improvement from a sanitary perspective. The bottle remains sterile as hand contact is avoided. This is impossible to achieve when manually applying the string.


The colors for both the ring and string are customizable.