From its founders’ experience, a company specialized in advanced solutions



" Accessories for Vineyards" present to our customers, extremely flexible and simplified mechanical technologies for indestructible machinery. On these characteristics OMBF has always concentrated its production. Founded in Canelli in 1998, the industrial firm, specialised in the supply of machinery for the wine sector, stands out in the market for its marked vocation to study and to produce advanced technological solutions. In this view were born innovative automatic and semiautomatic machines, able to satisfy the most different market kinds. In particular, OMBF production comprises specific machineries for the last phase of bottling, namely corking, sealing and caging, both single and block or triple block. Addressing above all to small and medium companies producing from 600 to 3,000 bottles per hour, the proposed models take up small space and offer simplified mechanism and internal motions that grant high usability and low maintenance, for a secure functioning and no troubles. A recognised and appreciated leading edge of OMBF machines regards the quality of materials they are produced with: from the certified 304 Stainless steel to the steel alloys, till plastic materials intended for the food sector.