3pack - Compact packaging monobloc


The 3PACK monoblock packaging machine was designed and implemented to respond to the needs of small and medium companies thanks to its compact size and its hourly production which is capable of reaching about 2,500 bottles. Combines 3 packaging stations in one machine.


American type box (flat) formation, composed of:
• Storage of horizontal boxes with capacity to hold up to about 120 boxes
Dimensions: Min. 130 x 260 h = 130 - Max. 320 x 450 h = 600
• Box picking with electro-mechanical commanded, inverter managed arm. Suction pads connected to individual vacuum generators (Venturi);
• Lower, short edge closure unit;
• Machine to transfer pre-formed boxes to zone for packing and lower edge gluing using hot-melt glue.
A prepared space is available on request for the MANUAL insertion of the separators or use of boxes with internal separators.
BOXING MACHINE “Pick & Place” type 
Insertion of bottles in the box both vertically and horizontally, composed of:
• Rapid coupling intake head with bottle intake pneumatic heads;
• The intake head can be adjustable;
• Other intake systems are available for pots and jars (grips or suction pads);
• Vertical or horizontal movement with electro-mechanical, inverter managed command;
• Bottle preparation unit with automatic alignment suitable for any type of bottle, pot, vial or jar that is round, square or shaped;
• Device to control bottle presence;
• Transfer machine to move boxes to closing area using a mechanical arm for the perfect squaring of the box;
• Head supply to pack bottles in horizontal box crossed with separator. 
Regarding the box closing unit, the machine is available in 2 models:
• With GLUING MACHINE – Closure of upper and lower edges using hot-melt glue (PREO type glue unit, other brands on request);
• With TAPING MACHINE – using PVC tape, width 50 mm. – closure of upper and lower edges by removing the glue unit inside the boxing machine or only upper edges maintaining lower edge glue closure.
The machine is managed using a touch screen operator panel. 
Programming is conducted using a MITSUBISHI type PLC (other brands on request).
The machine can be assembled on wheels or feet.
REGULATION AND CHANGE OF SIZE ARE EASY: simply remove the bottle intake head using a rapid release and coupling handle and replacing it with the desired head. 
 Model 2009A-M3/6-12 is composed of a painted steel frame and guard in stainless steel 304 and Lexan. The machine components are in stainless steel, plastic materials for foodstuff use and steel alloys. The latter can be easily inspected to completely facilitate cleaning and maintenance, guaranteeing long term duration.
• 1 device for glass bottle size. Any additional sizes will be counted separately.
• 1 user and maintenance manual in Italian, French, English and Spanish. Any other translations and/or customisations of documentation will be calculated separately.
• Accident prevention guard compliant with EU standards .
• Compartment with necessary keys.
• Conformity certification as per EU standards.