Automatic Agitator

For the mixing of the  “liqueur”

The Automatic agitator Mod. 2007A-1R/3, designed and manufactured to meet the needs of low to average productions, can reach hour throughputs of about 1,700 bottles.
The machine is suitable to mix the “liqueur” contained in the bottle in the productions according to the champenoise méthode (classical method).  
The bottles are loaded into the machine by means of a pneumatic pusher inserting one bottle at a time in the tunnel of the overturning drum; the discharge of the bottle is obtained through the bottles pushing one against the other.
The overturning drum rotating on its horizontal axis overturns the bottles several times, depending on the diameter/format of the bottle being processed.

The machine is operated partly mechanically and partly pneumatically: a motor reducer provides to drive the machine, while compressed air controls the bottle loading unit (pusher) and blocks the bottles in the overturning drum.

The operation speed can be varied by means of the knob on the motor reducer. The machine allows processing various bottle formats: from 0.37 lt to 1.5 lt (from ø 70 mm to ø 115 mm and heights from 240 mm to 370 mm).
The format change of the bottle is performed by simply inserting or removing the spacers in every tunnel of the drum to that the bottles always position themselves at the centre of the tunnel.  
On demand with extra price (see Options), the Agitator can be equipped with by-pass rails for free passage deviating the bottles on the conveyor belt so completely excluding  the machine from the bottling line.

It is possible to equip the machine with a device (photocell) controlling the bottle accumulation at the discharge (at cost, see Options).

Model 2007A-1R/3 is completely manufactured in stainless steel, plastic materials for foodstuff use and steel alloys. All the machine components can be easily inspected to completely facilitate cleaning and maintenance, guaranteeing long term duration.
•    1 user and maintenance manual. The documentation will be as standard for OMBF in Italian, French, English and Spanish. Any other translations and/or customisations of documentation are excluded from the price and will be calculated separately.
•    Accident prevention guard compliant with EU standards .

•    Compartment with necessary keys.
•    Conformity certification as per EU standards.

Technical form
Scheda Agitatore Automatico_CORR.pdf
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