PVC Cap capping monoblock unit

Distribution and closure of PVC capsules



The capsuling automatic monoblock Mod. 2008A-MDC/10 is suitable for distribution and closure of PVC thermo-retractable capsules using a thermal head with an hourly bottle production of 3,000 bottles.
The machine was designed to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises and is suitable for bottling in glass containers with a ø of 55 to 115 mm and a maximum height of 190 to 370 mm.
In fact, the machine enables processing of different bottle sizes thanks to the column which is height adjustable using a handle placed on the side part.
Functioning of the machine is part mechanical, part pneumatic: 
The capsules are loaded using storage with a horizontal surface, which is already supplied, capable of containing circa 500 capsules.
On request, and at an extra cost, storage can be assembled on the machine with bottom loading and a capacity of 1,000 capsules.


The speed of the machine can vary by turning a knob on the side of the machine.
On request, and at an extra charge (see Optionals), it is possible to insert an INVERTER which can be applied on the motor and which, using a potentiometer placed on the electrical keyboard panel, allows speed variation in a more precise and sensitive manner (from minimum production to maximum production).
The Model 2008A-MDC/10 is completely manufactured in stainless steel and plastic materials, for foodstuff use, and steel alloys. All the machine components can be easily inspected to completely facilitate cleaning and maintenance, guaranteeing long term duration.
• 1 device for glass bottle size. Any additional sizes will be counted separately.
• 1 user and maintenance manual in Italian, French, English and Spanish. Any other translations and/or customisations of documentation will be calculated separately.
• Accident prevention guard compliant with EU standards. 
• Compartment with necessary keys.
• Conformity certification as per EU standards.

Technical form
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