Semi automatic crowner for crown corks


The semi automatic crowner Mod. 2008-TC/1 is for use in small and medium manufacturing plants and is suitable for the application of crown corks with a diameter of 26, 29 or 30.5. It can process cylindrical glass bottles with a diameter of 55 to 115 mm and with a maximum height of 370 mm. Its production is 600 bott/h. 
The corks are loaded manually, using a little channel which can contain around 40, however it is possible on request to apply a cork feeder that works automatically.

The bottles can be lifted pneumatically (using a cylinder which is lifted by compressed air) or mechanically (using a lever with a bearing that runs on a lifting cam), for more secure closure of the bottle using mechanical movements (due to champagne bidule cork problems). The work cycle starts by resting the bottle on the specific plate and activating the machine using a two hand command; the moment in which the operation is complete, the machine automatically stops, as do all its units.

The front guard makes the machine hazard free, protecting against any possible accidents caused by breakage.  The machine can be assembled on four wheels on fixed feet.


Model 2008S-TC/1 is completely manufactured in stainless steel, plastic materials for foodstuff use and steel alloys. All the machine components can be easily inspected to completely facilitate cleaning and maintenance, guaranteeing long term duration.
• 1 device for glass bottle size.
Any additional sizes will be counted separately.
• 1 user and maintenance manual in Italian, French, English and Spanish. Any other translations and/or customisations of documentation will be calculated separately.
• Accident prevention guard compliant with EU standards .
• Compartment with necessary keys.
• Conformity certification as per EU standards.

Technical form
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