Semi automatic monoblock - corker/ wire-hooder


This semi automatic monoblock provides both corking and wire-hooding in a single machine. It can be used for bottling in glass containers with a diameter ranging from 55 to 115 mm and a maximum height of 370 mm.
The steel CAPSULING MACHINE is equipped with safety precautions, is suitable for the application of mushroom corks for small and medium sized companies. On request, and at an extra charge (see Optionals), it is possible with the same machine, the application of levelled corks. The closing system of the corking part has four plugs in rectified hardened stainless steel with centesimal tolerance and is easy to disassemble when cleaning or sterilizing. It can handle corks with a maximum diameter of 31 mm and a maximum height of 52 mm. The machine is set in motion by placing a bottle on the plate, through a two-hand control and stops at the end of the cycle.
The corks dispensation takes place automatically. The corks loading is manual by means of tube in steel L. mm 500 (capacity 10/15 corks).
The WIRE-HOODING MACHINE is used for cage placing and their subsequent wire hooding. The cage types that can be used are as follows: 

The machine is suitable for cylindrical glass bottles having a diameter that ranges more or less from 55 to 115 mm and a maximum height of 370mm. The machine is partly mechanical and partly pneumatic. The cages are loaded inside the traditional tube produced by O.M.B.F., placing the cages in the same and slipping off the rod (capacity 250 pcs). The bottle is positioned on a special surface and the work cycle is initiated through a twohand control. At the end of the work cycle the machine stops automatically and so do all of its components. The cage dispensation takes place automatically

On request, the machine can be assembled on four wheels.
Model 2003MS-TG/1 is completely manufactured in stainless steel, plastic materials for foodstuff use and steel alloys. All the machine components can be easily inspected to completely facilitate cleaning and maintenance, guaranteeing long term duration.
• 1 device for glass bottle size.
Any additional sizes will be counted separately.
• 1 user and maintenance manual in Italian, French, English and Spanish. Any other translations and/or customisations of documentation will be calculated separately.
• Accident prevention guard compliant with EU standards .
• Compartment with necessary keys.
• Conformity certification as per EU standards.
• Certification of compliance with EC rules.

Technical form
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