Semiautomatic triblock - filler/ corker/ wire-hooder

Isobaric Filler (effervescent/still drinks) + Corker (champagne/straight corks) + Wire-hooding machine




The semiautomatic triblock assembles in a single machine the functions of filling, corking and wire-hooding. It is suitable for the bottling in glass containers with a diameter ranging from 50 to 114 mm and a maximum height of 380 mm.

The ISOBARIC FILLER is suitable for the bottling with effervescent drinks and, on demand, with still drinks. It works fully automatically so the operator needs to perform only the loading and unloading of the bottle holding cup.
The filling valve, designed to avoid the foaming of the product, guarantees the maximum fluidity with a completely automatic leveling system.

The machine is equipped with 4 filling valves that enable filling two bottles at a time, so, while the machine performs the filling on one side, on the other side the bottle can be unloaded and loaded.


The CORKER, made of steel and equipped with a safety device, closes with natural champagne corks and is suitable for small or medium productions. By request and with the suitable adaptation kit (supplied at cost, see Options) it is possible to apply natural wine corks with the same turret.
The closing system of the corking unit consists of four hardened steel jaws ground with centesimal tolerances and can be easily demounted for cleaning and sterilization. It can treat corks with 30 mm max. ø and 52 mm height. After the bottle is put on the holding cup, the machine is operated through a two-hand control and stops at the end of every cycle. The distribution of the corks is automatic. The corks are loaded manually through a steel tube.

The WIRE-HOODING MACHINE is suitable for the application of the wire-hoods and their closure. It is possible to apply the following types of wire-hoods: 4-leg wire-hood with cap and 4-leg wire-hood without cap. 
Its operation system is mechanical and pneumatic; the wire-hoods are loaded on the traditional   O.M.B.F. stick which is then taken out (capacity of the stick: 20 wire-hoods). The wire-hoods are distributed in automatic. The bottle is positioned on a suitable support and the cycle is started through a 2-hand control.  When the cycle is completed the machine stops and no part remains in movement.

The hour productions of the various units are different.
The filler can reach a production of 200/300 bottles per hour (with optimal conditions of the product which is under constant pressure and is pushed into the filling tank from the tank under pressure or through a mono or membrane pump connected to the electrovalves of the machine).
The corker /wire-hooding machine, on the contrary, can reach a production of 800 bottles per hour.
Both data depend on the ability of the operator.

The front safety panel prevents any accident due to breakages.
By request the machine can be supplied in wheeled version.

By request the machine is available also in the version consisting of filler + corker for crown corks (for effervescent and still drinks to be packaged with crown caps).


The 20011S-MRTG/1 model is completely manufactured of stainless steel, a material with high compatibility with food products and easy to be cleaned.
Some parts are made of plastic material or rubber, also these materials are certified for food usage or compatible with that use, the panels at the entrance to the working zone   are of shock-resistant or high-resistance transparent material, which allows the operator controlling the working process.
All components of the machine can be easily inspected to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance operations so guaranteeing a long life.


• 1 set of size parts for one format of glass bottles. Additional formats will be calculated separately.
• 1 operation and maintenance manual. We will supply the standard  OMBF documentation in Italian, English, French, or Spanish. Other translations and/or customizations are not included in the price and will be offered separately.  
• Safety guards in compliance to the EC regulations
• Set of first intervention wrenches
• Certification of conformity compliant to the EC regulations

Technical form
scheda 2011S-MRTG1.pdf
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