Mazzei Injector

PP (polypropylene) or PVDF (kynar) body

Highly efficient in the injection of liquids and gas by pressure difference. The Mazzei injectors offer a safe, precise and economic

method to inject practically any kind of liquid or gas into a pressurised current.



When a fluid under pressure enters the injector it is

channelled towards the injection chamber, and sharply

increases speed. This acceleration causes a drop in pressure that allows another liquid or gas to be sucked through a special

orifice and be mixed with the drive flow.

When the drive flow advances towards the injector outlet, its speed reduces, creating an increase in pressure (at a lower level than at the injector inlet). The Mazzei injectors require a negligible pressure difference between inlet and outlet to create a feed through the suction orifice.


- Low investment and installation cost

- No external power source is required in most installations

- Low maintenance costs

- Suitable for continuous mixing, without requiring

additional equipment.

Why Kynar <sup>TM</sup>

Because Kynar (PVDF) is more than twice as good as most other plastic

Strength, pressure (15 bar), chemical & temperature resistance range are greater

Extremely resistant to most AG chemicals:

- Sulfuric acid 90%, good to 100° C

(P.P., P.E., Acetal are not recommended)

- Nitric Acid 65%, good to 60° C (P.P., P.E. not recommended)

(P.P., P.E. resistant up to 6% at 20° C to 40° C)

- Chlorine (P.P. not resistent)

- Xylene, good to 40° C (P.P., P.E., P.V.C. not resistant).



AIV 287-P AIV 287 (Kynar) Built in non-return valve. Body in polypropylene or Kynar. Connection: I/O 1/2 " M NPT Suction: 4.7 mm socket

AIC484 AIC 484-X AIC584 AIC584-PPG Built in non-return valve. Body in polypropylene or Kynar. Connection: I/O 3/4" M BSP Suction: 1/4" M NPT and 6.3 mm socket

AIC885X AIC885X-PPG AIC1078 AIC1078-PPG Pre-assembled non-return valve ACP83. Body in polypropylene or Kynar. Connection: I/O 1" M BSP Suction: 1/2" M NPT and 9.5 mm socket

AIC1583 AIC1583-PPG Built in non-return valve. Body in polypropylene or Kynar. Connection: I/O 1" 1/2 M Suction: 1/2" M NPT and 12 mm socket

AIC2081-X AIC2081-PPG Pre-assembled non-return valve ACP86. Body in Kynar or polypropilene (Kynar model) and C75 (PP model). Connection: I/O 2" M BSP Suction: 1/2" M NPT and 12 mm socket

AIC4090 Built in non-return valve. Body in Kynar. Connection: I/O 4" M BSP Suction (two): 2" M BSP

Data required for selecting injectors

To select the most suitable injector model the following data is required:

1.Total water flow rate of the system ............ (l/min)

2.Desired fertiliser/chemical product

injection flow rate ............ (l/min)

3.Pressure differential "d" available in the system, calculated as follows:

a. maximum working pressure of system, at injector inlet ............ bar

b.minimum working pressure of system, at injector outlet ............ bar

c. difference between pressures "a" and "b" ............ bar

Percentage pressure differential "d" = (c/a) x 100 ............ %

If "d" is equal or more than 20%, the By Pass installation method can be used

If "d" is less than 20% then the injectors have to be installed in series with an auxiliary pump

Example: 1=250 l/min; 2=341 l/h; a= 5.5 bar; b= 4 bar; c= 1.5

bar. Therefore "d" = 27%. This means that we can use a By Pass installation, there is no need for a booster pump.

Selecting the right model

Following the example given above, proceed as follows:

Find the pressure column with "a" = 5.5 bar.

Move to the right until "b" = 4 bar


Move to the right along the line to the suction capacity column, continue right until the nearest value to the desired suction capacity is found (using the example, 34 l/h). We will select 30 l/h. the top of this column shows the code of the model to use, in this case AIC584.

Model AIC584 will be capable of sucking 30 l/h only if the by-pass is guaranteed a flow rate of 28 l/min as indicated in the "Injector flow rate". If, in practise, the injector does not really have this flow rate, the suction capacity will not meet the data