Modular controller for agriculture



In recent years we have seen an ever growing process of automation of irrigation systems:

The complexity of these systems, at first expertly handled by the farmers, often generated problems difficult for conventional control units to solve. The Toro AG Satellite control unit was designed

specifically to meet these requirements. Completeness, flexibility and easy programming underlines

this project.

Completeness: 30 independent programs (including in cyclic mode), 10 irrigation start times per program, timed and volumetric contral, filter backwashing contrai, sensor contrai, possibility of programming and remote contral via mobile phone or PC ali this in one single contral unit!

Flexibility: farm and residential irrigation systems are not easy to standardise and hence a flexible control instrument able to adapt to the individual system requirements is needed. Satellite is a modular control unit both in terms of number of stations (from 16 to 96) and in terms of performance - the basic principle is similar to a fullydeveloped programmer to which you can add sensors and remote controls whenever you like.

Easy programming: despite all the functions and the expansion possibilities, Satellite remains an easy-toprogram control unit by means of a practical dial and only 5 buttons.



16 or 8 stations plus 8 for the backflush upgradeable until 96 stations (using a slave after 32 st.) with 8 station expanding module

Permanent memory

30 independent program, with the possibility to choose for every program:

- if activate it or not

- if program it in minutes/second or hours/minute

- delay beetwen stations

- odd or even days calendar starts or sensor depending

- the programm looping

- if 1 master valve and 1 pump start may run with delay

or not

- if is setted in electronic or electromecanic modality

- if sensors should be activated or not

10 starts per program

Possibility to create programs looping in numeric mode (up to 99 ripetitions for the same program) or timing mode (fixing the loop beetwen the programs) 14 day calendar

It works with 24 AC; DC 12V, DC 24V, or latching solenoids 12 or 24V (groups of 8)

It controls 1 master valve and 1 pump start ( per program)

Possibility to choose electronic or electromecanic working modality

Water budget from 5% up to 250%

Manual starting per program or station

Rain off (until 13 days)

possibility to have 7 inlet sensors (luxometer, anamometer, rain sensor, humidity sensor, flow sensor, termometer) and set their start delay operation

It works with AC or DC power


Filter backflush parameters:

- backflush time in minutes/second

- delay between stations in minutes/second

- interval between two complete backflush cycles in minutes or hours (its possible to menage this parameter with differential manometer )

- how to set pressure sustaining valve; it can count the

numbers of backflush in last 24h storing time and date from last pressure differential operation


Easy programming

Big display

IP65 cabinet

Port RS232/422 to PC o modem

Port IE485 to the slave


Input: 230 VCA 50/60 Hz (net filter)

Power supply: Primary 230V - Secondary 10/20/24V - 2A

Protection box level: IP65

Max total controller output (DC latching): 2 A

Max number of electro-valves in AC opened at the same time: 8

N° 1 groups of 8 stations: bachflush dedicaded settable 24VAC / 24VDC/ 12VDC latch

N°1 rele' output 8 A: for pump start

N°1 rele' output 8 A: for alarm reporting

N°1 input group on/off sensor, rain sensor; fluxometer, light, wind

N°1 IE485 port: connection to humidity, rain, temperature, light and wind sensor

N°1 RS232/422 port (personal computer modem)

N°2 connectors: for the 2 expanding module communication.


IT-SATELLITE Satellite controller 16 or 8 plus stations more 8 for the backflush, AC, DC, latching solenoids, AC or DC power

IT-SATSLAVE Slave for Satellite (to add more than 32 stn buy it) with 8 stn.

IT-SATEXP8 Expanding module for Satellite or its own slave (8 st.)

IT-SAT-MODEM GSM modem interface for Satellite


IT-SAT-MODEM-A Analog modem interface for Satellite

IT-SATDC-ADAPTOR Module for use of one battery for Satellite

IT-SAT-GATE Sensor interface

IT-SAT-TTEP Air temperature sensor

IT-SAT-TRH Air relative humidity sensor

IT-SAT-TW Wind speed sensor

IT-SAT-THG Soil moisture sensor

IT-SAT-SW Software to program the Satellite control unit via PC