Automatic Riddling machines for Remuage

Rhino 500
Rhino 500
Rhino 1000
Rhino 1000


Gyropallet - Automatic Bottles Remuage


Rhino 1000 and Rhino 500 are ideal for companies producing  sparkling wines according to the traditional method (méthode champenoise), as they faithfully reproduce the manual operation of remuage, only automatically.

Remuage, or shaking, consists of a manual rotation of about 1/8 of a turn of the bottles in order to make all the lees fall slowly under the cork where they will then be eliminated once the bottle is uncorked.

Rhino 1000 and Rhino 500 carry out the whole process automatically, with additional advantages:

  • Shortening the down time of a manual operating cycle that also involves heavy and delicate operations, resulting in greater productivity
  • Less manual labor, which is getting more and more expensive and hard to find
  • Considerable reduction of the space required for the process, as the bulky classical pupitres (riddling racks) are no longer needed

Rhino 500, devised for small-quantity production, and Rhino 1000 can manage 504 and 1008 bottles

respectively per operation cycle, rotating the whole lot at the same pre-set time.

The work cycles can be set and programmed by means of a touch screen on the control panel to meet every possible requirement. By controlling the vibrating impulses at a certain frequency (optional), it is possible to programme the rotation and angle of the bottles and the user-friendly softwaremakes programming easy.

Rhino 1000 and Rhino 500 are quite versatile and offer the possibility of installing baskets that can to carry

any type of cage on the market. The construction, though noticeably streamlined, is designed to guarantee

durability and resistance to constant static and dynamic stress and does not require wall mounting. Lastly,

the ball bearings placed under the baskets and the lifting system with its circular rack are designed to give Rhino 1000 and Rhino 500 a quiet and stable operation.

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Gyropallet Technical Specifications

                                                                              Rhino  500                 Rhino 1000


Length  (mm)                                             2400                            4000
Width   (mm)                                              1900                           1900
Height  (mm)                                              2100                           2100
Nr° Bottles  Standard                                    504                            1008


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