Shoot removers

Colombardo proposes a wide range of shoot-removers:


* mechanical version used to eliminate the shoots growing on the stocks of the vines

* hydraulic version suitable for Guyot and low spurred-cordon vineyards


Shoot-remover with whips mainly used in viticulture, yet useful also in other types of cultivation. Rotofil has the function of eliminating the shoots growing on the trunks in general. the operation of shoot-removal allows also the elimination of the wed along the row, between the plants, without damaging the fruit bearing shoots. The machine is predisposed for the 3-point universal connection of the rear hoist.


For use on medium-high Guyot, simple espalier, Casarsa and GDC training methods, it can be configured with a single roller to work on espalier rows with low fruit bearing shoots or with double roller for High cordon and GDC vineyards. Besides, the shoot removing kit with a single roller is available for the cleaning of the high curve of the row in vineyards with GDC training and pruning method (it can be a used also on the low part of the vines). All units can be mounted to the chassis of our trimmers or on toll holding hoist at the rear of the tractors (see picture at side).

Hydraulic Shoot Remover - mod. Rotoflex

Hydraulic Shoot Removing unit for vineyards: the ideal tool for the soft removal of the shoots from the trunk of the vines and the weed growing under the rows.

This unit was designed to be mounted on the suitable frame, both on the front of the tractor and on the side in single (or double) version with a special flange or on the universal rear hoister of any tractor with rear connection.

In the picture, it is presented with a specific frame for the front assembly on tractor without hoisters.

The same frame can also support the “RapidLam13” Inter-row Blade using a coulter or a disc (digging out   and/or covering the foot of the plant).

The most interesting feature of the equipment is that it supports two rapidly interchangeable shoot removing shafts. This exclusive feature allows the complete cleaning of the plant and the soil under the rows without using chemicals.

In fact, one of the shafts is equipped with heavy rubber whips – flat-shaped, forked and rounded at the ends with rapid “push&pull” connection and disconnection system – and this allows optimizing the spring intervention with young grass and a big quantity of shoots, while the second one, smaller aluminium roll bearing round nylon whips of small dimension, is aggressive enough on the grass to better remove the   weed in summer and the few shoots remained after the first passage.

This configuration of the shoot remover allows operating on vineyards with both strong weeds and shoots in big quantity during the whole vegetation stage of the vines without damaging or shocking the plant. This is obtained also thanks to an “oil control” system for the rotation speed regulation depending on the type of shredding shaft used and the conditions of the weeds at the moment of the intervention.


This equipment was designed for the total removal of the shoots growing at foot of the vine and of the trunk operating below the fruit bearing shoot in espalier vineyards. This function is performer through the controller distribution of a liquid through an equipment operating around the plant and containing a chemical solution drying the vegetation, generally of ammonium glufosinate.

The same equipment can be used also as chemical weed-killer to remove the weeds between the plants. This liquid is mixed with water and inserted in a suitable container located on the hoist of the tractor (barrel/tank with pump – available in various sizes on demand) and then distributed through a special frame over the row (tunnel) which forms a spraying chamber for the spray of the liquid on a restricted area while the area around it is protected.

The chemical shoot removing offers remarkable economical advantages since the average productivity is about 1h/ha (25-30h/ha operating manually).

This method does not causes any wound on the trunk, a sit often happens with the use of some machines for mechanical shoot removing, so preserving the plant from wood diseases and other pathologies.

The various adjustments such as width, height, and inclination are decided by the tractor driver and obtained through the relevant hydraulic controls located on the tractor (independent controls on demand).

The frame of the machine bears a patented "anti-shock" system protecting the tunnel from any lateral or longitudinal shock.


The bilateral hydraulic Bar, Flying Killer model, is equipped with articulated frame for a rapid and comfortable assembly on the front part of the tractor. The various controls and electro-hydraulic movements (electrical distributor with 4 independent functions) listed below are easily controlled by the operator driving the tractor:

electrical control box (with levers or joystick – option)

left/right hood delivery

inclination of the left/right bar arm (from 0°, closed, to max 115°, opened)

left/right lateral approach (stroke L 0,30 m)

total stop to the distribution

 The nozzles are the essential parts for the functioning of this machine; they are mounted on the distribution bars and have the function to bear the pressure fluid sent by the pump, forming drops of small sizes (two each side).

Near the nozzle the drop stop devices prevent the dripping of the liquid when the  distribution is stopped (they open at 0.6 bar)


They are protected through an anti-shock plastic hood and the arm on which it is anchored features a  safety articulation (mechanical with spring, with charge regulation) with the function to move around the poles and the vines without damaging them.