(Double) “Potel Due” green trimmer TOSCANA version


The POTEL BIL TRIMMER features a "double-blade" mechanism with two mobile blades (series COLO04 tooth) on the vertical cutting bar. The Double-blade movement with double connecting rod enables the sliding of the two blades without any vibration and ensuring a neat cut of vegetation. Besides, this type of movement implies require less maintenance work both during daily work and for the preparation for garaging while not used.The trimmer is suitable also for the application on tractors with reduced hydraulic power or for semi-light tractors used on slopes with high transverse gradients.


The new frame of the trimmer ECO 010 and ECO 011 are different from the other models mainly for transferring the lateral movement and the articulation for the hydraulic inclination on the lower part of the frame with three bid advantages: nreduction of hte aerial weight improved stability,possibility of working on slopes with high transverse gradients (for horizontal rows), better visibility.


The trimmer of the "Potel" series belongs to equipments with "cutting blades", featuring double alternated movement of the blades called "double-blade" reducing the vibrations to the minimum. This system performs a neat cut making the wound on the shoot of the vine less evident and allowing more rapid healing. Differently from the cutting system with "free blade" (knife) producing a wider and more irregular wound and requiring more demanding daily maintenance, with the cleaning and sharpening of the blades many times a day, the periodical checks of the rotation parts (bearings, belts) as well as higher risk exposure due to the ejection of the residual vegetation during the work.


The cutting principle of the Speedy-Rotor trimmer is called "free blade" cut, because the cut of the vegetation is obtained through inertia thanks to the high rotation speed of the blades, obtaining a neat cut, which avoids enervating the shoots, even without the aid of a counter-blade. The blades are assembled overlaying to prevent the vegetation to be trimmed to escape. Every tool has a length of about 30 cm and the overlaying is about 70 cm (a wall of 1.80mt needs a module with 4 to 5 cutting blades); the structure of the tool-holding module consists entirely of a light alloy and stainless steel to make the machine extremely light. The tool-holding modular structure of Speedy-Rotor is inserted on the same chassis of the Potel and Rotor series trimmers or, in the tunnel version, on an articulated chassis to facilitate its transport on board of a tractor (reducing the lateral volume).

Speedy-Rotor Lateral Version

The machine is equipped with four blades (usable cutting capacity 1.50 m) on the vertical structure and a blade for the top for the horizontal cut of the row (cutting capacity 0.50 m). The machine consists of a support frame and bears four hydraulic movements: lifting, lateral run, inclination of the cutting segment by +/- 20°, inclination of the top (roof), controlled through an hydraulic distributor with four lever plus one controlling the motor with anti-shock protection complying with the CE regulations.

Speedy-Rotor Tunnel Version

Lopping machine for the trimming of the row with special articulated frame to facilitate the entrance into the row, the transport during the displacement, and to reduce its volume; equipped with the following controls: lifting and displacement, inclination of the cutting segment and 5-lever distributor. The chassis is predisposed for future application of defoliators, shredders, and pre-pruning machines.

Speedy Rotor double version (right-left) for the bilateral trimming of the row

The machine is equipped with a special chassis featuring the following controls: lifting, in series right-left displacement, left-right inclination of the tops (roofs), and six-lever distributor.


Besides it is possible to mount the segment with rapid cutting blades on “ECO” chassis which differentiates this equipment for transferring the lateral movement and the hydraulic inclination articulation on the lower frame of the chassis.


The trimmer uses the scissor cutting system (blade/counter-blade).

The modular construction of the machine allows a customized configuration depending on the pruning method of the vineyards.

Every cutting segment or module consists of five fixed blades and two mobile blades, a hydraulic motor with the driving parts hosted by a safety carter. the steel carter has been designed and tested to guarantee utmost safety to the operator protecting him/her against any projection of vegetation during the trimming. Every cutting segment or module works on 0.70 m height.