Vineyard Metal Stake: Strip Galvanized Metal Post for Vineyards


The Strip galvanized Metal Posts are made with pre-galvanized metal sheet.

Profile steel products used in vitculture and fruit production have been tried and tested all over the world.

They are cost-effective, extreely durable, sturdy, light-weight an easy to use by hands of by machines.


What is the different between an HDG and a Strip Posts?


As we may know, an HDG post is produced with raw metal and then galvanized at end of the production.

This process gives to the Metal Post an excellent quality and longevity over the years.

The zinc covering is around 60-80 microns and this allows an efficient and sturdy vineyard trellising,

obtained also a written warranty from the producer!


Strip Galvanized metal post has the same profile and structure of the their Cousins HDG.


The main Benefit of this Metal Post is the Price.

In this case, in fact, the metal sheet used (generally Z275 steel) is already pre-galvanized with a zinc thickness of around 20 microns.Hence, due to the reduced zinc covering, this metal posts has a life expecting of 15 years around. In this case it is not possible to give any warranty to the winegrower.



Did you know...?

What is the Zinc Loss over the years?

In normal conditions and set up in normal earth, the zinc loss is around 2 microns par years.

Hence, from this simply calculation we can say that:

- An Hot galvanized metal posts with zinc covering around 60/80 microns has an expecting life of 30-35 years before it gets rusty.

- A Strip galvanized metal posts with zinc covering around 18/20 microns has an expecting life of 10-15 years before it gets rusty.



Here under it follows a list of profile we are able to supply, at different heights:


Section 50 x 30 Model Lino

Section 50 x 43 Model Lino Plus

Section 60 x 43 Model Big End Lino

External Hooks S type models


Section 50 x 34 Model Lynos

Section 54 x 38 Model Lynos Plus

Section 54 x 58 Model Big End Lynos

Internal ButtonHoles Z type models


Vineyard Metal Stake: Strip Galvanized Post for Vineyards

The packaging of this metal poles is generally a bundle of 100 pcs each.

According to your need, we can make different types of packaging, depending on the way of shipment will de done (overseas, overland and others).

See the pictures for more details.


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